Likuni'S STORY


Likuni is a charming African village located in Central Malawi , but also my late father's name. Choosing that name emphasizes the African identity and inspiration behind my creations. A ceremonious respect of nature I have witnessed throughout my childhood.

Likuni Creations By JIDS harmoniously embraces the pure majesty of wood, natural stones, silver, plants, and the vibrant colors of African Fabrics.

Our Brand celebrates Africa's ancestral reverence for nature, a reverence that reinforces our traditional rituals of caring for the Earth as we see it as the greatest gift from North to South - West to East, and Central Africa: the beating heart of my beautiful continent.



Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola, I am truly an African woman at heart. My love for Arts started at a young age when I studied at the famous Académie des Beaux-Arts in my home city of Kinshasa.

As I always say, "Africa is Art, African people are artists. We love music, dance, cooking, creating things from everything nature places on our way. We have such creative souls. We live, breath, and celebrate nature.

We give nature its place,

as the most perfect creation of all."