Natural Black Obsidian Beads. Black-colored stones–including obsidian–stimulate the root chakra and help bring it into balance. This restores the body's strength and stamina and helps rekindle spiritual energy. Wearing obsidian jewelry helps keep one grounded and connected with the earth  The silver elements in this bracelet represents strenght.


Product details:

  • Item type: bracelet
  • Material:  Congolese wooden beads , Natural Black Obsidian, small pending charms
  • Color: Black and dark wood.
  • Band type: elastic


  • Bead size: 0.47 in (12 mm)
  • Bracelet length: 8 in stretches to 8.30 in 
  • Weight: 1.4oz (35 g)

Since the bracelet is made from natural stones or/and wood the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique and beautiful.



Ekenge Ethnic Bracelet

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