Embrace nature

Organic Body Oils

Naturelle Organic Body Oils will moisturize and nourish your skin after a shower. Our oils will awaken  your skin, leaving it soft, silky, and nourished.

We only use Organic base oils, plants, fruits, herbs, and roots grown without any type of chemicals.

To keep our oils fresh, we only make small batches at the time as we DO NOT use  preservative in our oils.


Organic handmade Soaps

Naturelle Organic soaps are infused with organic essential oils made by LiKuni Creations.

Naturelle incorporates organic herbs, flowers, roots and plants locally grown without chemicals nor pesticides.


Our soaps are invigorating leaving  your skin deliciously soft and heavenly scented. They can also be used as hand soap to effectively wash away bacteria for clean hands.

Our soaps are 100% Naturally and animal cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, & formulated without phthalates. 

To keep our soaps fresh, we only make small batches at the time as we DO NOT use  preservatives.

Organic Aromatherapy
Handmade Candles

Naturelle Organic Aromatherapy Handmade Candles are simply NATURAL . Our candles will calm you, relax you, and sooth you.

We only use organic Soy wax made in the USA. The organic essential oils used for scent are brewed in small quantity by Likuni Creations.


All the herbs, plants, roots and flowers in our candles are locally and organically grown without chemicals nor pesticides.